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Our Story

Vlone is a luxury streetwear clothing company founded by A$AP Rocky and Ian Connor in 2011, with an aim to create high-end V-logo print t-shirts, hoodies. They believe in the idea of “wave” – an energy that connects people through movements and moments. Ian Connor co-founded the street wear line with A$AP Bari in New York City. The two met in Harlem and subsequently decided to create a clothing line that would be unlike anything else on the market. They created VLONE, with the first few lines of clothing being released in November 2013. By 2016, VLONE had expanded to include an online shop and a flagship store on Lafayette Street. The two were inspired by “wave” – an energy that connects people through movements and moments. VLONE’s goal is to be a part of the wave and create “the next big thing. “The line includes merch such as tee shirts, hoodies, trousers, jackets, shorts, jackets and sneakers. VLONE has collaborated with a number of brands including Nike, Under Armour and Louis Vuitton among others. VLONE’s design philosophy is based on the idea of being like a boxer. “[They] are in the ring and they can’t be bothered to think about what’s going on around them; they just have to focus on themselves. “The brand has been described as “more about an aesthetic than it is about clothing for a particular market.” VLONE focuses more on clothing their own brand rather than catering to specific markets. The brand wants consumers to mourn what they are missing and take the risk of buying into something new. The company’s logo features a “V” that is wearing a crown, which references the idea of being better than others and, of course, the phrase “to be king.”
Intellectual and brilliant minds have had a huge impact on both music and fashion, which has helped make Vlone a streetwear brand with increasing popularity. VLONE products are sold only in their online stores and occasionally at special events, but the collections are constantly being added. Fans love to visit their online stores and find new VLONE pieces, while they also stock plenty of footwear, including shoes, clothes and other accessories.

After being so popular on the world of streetwear fashion, Vlone has shown himself to be one of the most remarkable brands by showing off his commercial as well as hitting sales numbers. The brand often has pop-up stores in NYC, Hong Kong, and London.

After acquiring the bursting packhouse concerts, where the audience showed massive numbers of their representation by wearing V-outfits, it is believed that Gucci authorized Vlone clothing line in the teenagers or young adults rapidly. Nike partnered with Vlone in 2016 to release a limited-edition pair of Nike Air Force 1s. The shoe shows the emblematic trend in the online market with this trademark combo of black and orange. These Vlone sneakers, made with high-quality leather, have been rising in popularity and sales.